Sonic Pickle Slush: Sonic get it back for for a limited time

Sonic has big news for pickle lovers: due to popular demand, the Sonic Pickle Slush is available for a limited time at Sonic Drive-In from August 8 to August 28. Mackenzie Gibson, Vice President of Culinary and Menu Innovation at Sonic, announced this after its debut in 2018.

Pickles are the best possible snack, side meal, or refreshing treat for any occasion. You can get it for half price by ordering through the Sonic app. My heart was very happy when Sonic introduced it. Let’s dive into it and enjoy this special treat with ease.

Sonic Pickle Slush

What’s the Sonic Pickle Juice Slush?

The Sonic Pickle Juice Slush is a drink from Sonic Drive-In that mixes pickle juice with a sweet, icy slush. It has a green color and a unique taste that combines the tangy flavor of pickles with the refreshing coldness of a slushie. It was introduced for a limited time and became popular because of its unusual flavor.

What’s in a Pickle Juice Slush?

  • Calories: 250
  • Fat: 0 grams
  • Sodium: 540 milligrams
  • Cholesterol: 0mg
  • Carbs: 67 grams
  • Sugar: 66 grams
  • Protein: 0 grams

Where can you get Pickle Slush at Sonic?

The Pickle Juice Slush at Sonic was available for a limited time from Aug 8 to Aug 28. It’s not always on the menu; it comes and goes during special promotions. If you want to try it, check with your local Sonic to see if they’re offering it now or during upcoming promotions.

Sonic Pickle Slush Pricing and Special Offers

The Pickle Juice Slush at Sonic costs $2.79. It’s a unique blend of tangy pickle juice flavor and refreshing treat that blends the unexpected crunch of cursed pickles with a delightful slushy texture, mixed with the classic slush texture, offering a refreshing and distinctive drink option.

And if you order through the app, you can get it at half-price. Prices may vary by location, so it’s best to check with your local Sonic or their website for current pricing and any special deals available. If you’re looking to try something different, Sonic’s Pickle Juice Slush is a quirky choice that promises a memorable taste experience.

What did the Sonic Pickle Slush taste like?

The Sonic Pickle Slush tasted like a sweet slushie with a tangy and salty pickle flavor. It was a mix of sweetness and the distinctive taste of pickles, creating a unique flavor that satisfied cravings for both sweet and tangy treats.

Experiencing the Pickle Slush at Sonic Drive-In

Gathering with my friends and family at Sonic Drive-In, I decided to try something different: the Pickle Slush. When it arrived, the taste was a mix of sweet and tangy that surprised us all. We couldn’t stop talking about it—how weird and fun it was to try something new together.

It turned out to be a memorable experience that showed us how trying new things like this slush can bring unexpected joy. Next time you’re at Sonic or placing an order, give this a try if available.

More Pickle Items at Sonic

Big Dill Cheeseburger:

A flavorful cheeseburger featuring a juicy beef patty, pickle fries, an abundance of tangy pickles, creamy ranch sauce, crisp lettuce, and melted cheese. This combination offers a savory and tangy twist on a classic favorite, perfect for those who love bold flavors and hearty bites.

sonic Big Dill Cheeseburger

Pickle Fries:

Crispy, seasoned fries with a hint of pickle flavor, providing a unique and tasty side dish option.

sonic Pickle Fries

Dr. Pepper Pickle Drink:

This is a not a regular item, limited time item that combines the sweetness of Dr. Pepper with the tanginess of pickle juice, offering a refreshing and distinctive drink choice.

Sonic Dr. Pepper Pickle Drink

These items add to Sonic’s variety of pickle-inspired offerings, catering to those who enjoy the zesty flavor of pickles in different forms. As always, availability may vary by location, so it’s best to check with your local Sonic for their current menu and seasonal specials!

How to Order Sonic Pickle Slush?

Via location:

  • Go to a Sonic Drive-In near you.
  • Check if they have the Pickle Slush on their menu.
  • If they do, tell the server or carhop you want to order the Pickle Slush.
  • Pay for your order and wait for it to be brought to your car.

That’s it! Enjoy your Pickle Slush from Sonic!

Via App or Website:

  • Open the Sonic App or Website:
    Download the Sonic app or visit their official website.
  • Find the Pickle Slush:
    Look for it in the menu under special items or promotions.
  • Choose Size and Options:
    Select your desired size and any extras.
  • Place Your Order:
    Add the Pickle Slush to your cart and check out.
  • Select Pickup or Delivery:
    Choose whether to pick it up at a drive-in or get it delivered.
  • Complete Payment:
    Pay through Apple pay, Google Pay or other methods. You can also apply your gift card balance towards the total order amount.

Remember: Make sure to check with your local Sonic before ordering because the Pickle Slush is available for a limited time. 


The Pickle Slush was introduced as part of Sonic’s summer menu in June 2018. It quickly gained attention for its unusual flavor combination.

No, the Pickle Slush is typically offered as a limited-time item, often available during the summer months as part of Sonic’s summer menu. Availability may vary by location and season.

Yes, at Sonic Drive-In, you can often customize your slush by adding various flavors of syrups. However, it’s best to check with your local Sonic to see what customization options are available for the Pickle Slush.

 Yes, the Pickle Slush is suitable for vegetarians. It contains no meat or meat-derived ingredients.

The Pickle Slush is generally free of common allergens like dairy, nuts, and gluten. However, it’s always a good idea to check with Sonic for the most up-to-date allergen information, especially if you have specific dietary concerns.

Pickle fries at Sonic Drive-In are slices of pickles that are breaded and fried until they’re crispy. They’re served as a snack or side dish, similar to french fries, and you can enjoy them with dipping sauces like ranch or Sonic’s special sauces. It’s a tasty and crunchy option for pickle lovers!


The Sonic Pickle Slush is a unique and refreshing drink with a tangy pickle flavor. It’s an interesting choice for pickle lovers and adventurous eaters. Though it might not be for everyone, it highlights Sonic’s creativity in offering new and surprising flavors.

Remember to check the Sonic website or app in August 2024 to see when you can get it and for other special offers. You can also get it at half-price when ordering through the Sonic app.