Sonic 50 Cent Corn Dogs Days 2024 : Ultimate Guide

The smell of crispy, fried batter and the tasty hot dogs mean it’s Sonic Corn Dogs Day. On Sonic Corn Day, October 31, 2024, you can enjoy corn dogs for just 50 cents—75% off the regular price of $1.99—and get half-price drinks and slushes all day.

Celebrate Halloween with these fantastic deals, perfect for enjoying with friends and family on a tight budget. All the people eagerly wait for this day to come around.

50 cent corn dogs all day Wednesday oct 31, Thursday MAY 23

When is 50 cent Corn Dog Day at Sonic 2024?

For all fans, whether you’ve been loving Sonic for ages or just getting started, mark your calendars for a special day. In 2024, you won’t want to miss out on the chance to grab Sonic’s famous 50 cent corn dogs. It’s a rare treat, so get ready to enjoy every delicious bite! This offer is happening on Tuesday, October 31st, so whether it’s lunchtime, a snack, or a late-night craving, Sonic’s got you covered.

When is Sonic Corn Dog Day 2024?

On Sonic Corn Dog Day, March 16, 2024, Sonic Drive-In sold their tasty corn dogs for only 50 cents each, making fans super happy. They even extended this awesome deal to Cyber Monday, November 27, 2024. Whether you wanted a classic corn dog or just a yummy snack, Sonic’s 50-cent offer on these special days was a real treat for everyone!

Are we saying farewell to 50-cent corn dogs?

Miss those 50-cent corn dogs at Sonic? They’ve been selling them for 99 cents lately. Wondering if they’re gone forever? No, Sonic still has special days, like Halloween, where you can grab them for just 50 cents. So, don’t worry, they’re not gone for good! Keep an eye out for those special days when they bring back the good old deals!

What Makes the 50 Cent Corn Dogs Stand Out?

The 50 cent corn dogs are special because they’re delicious, easy to grab, and affordable. They’re a tasty treat that won’t break the bank, making them a favorite for snack time or a quick bite on the run. They’re perfect for any moment when you want to celebrate with your friends and family.

Ingredients of 50 cent corn dogs Sonic

  • Hot Dogs: These are the meaty centers of the corn dogs.
  • Batter: The crispy outer layer is made from a mix of flour, cornmeal, water, eggs, and a little baking powder.
  • Cooking Oil: The corn dogs are fried in vegetable oil until they’re golden and yummy.

So, Sonic’s corn dogs have tasty hot dogs inside a crispy coating made from batter and fried until they’re just perfect!

Unlimited Corn Dogs at Sonic on Special Days

You can enjoy unlimited corn dogs at Sonic Drive-In on special days like National Corn Dog Day and Halloween. Remember, there’s no limit to how many you can grab, so don’t forget these days!

Spotting Sonic 50-Cent Corn Dog Special

Every year, there’s one clear sign that Sonic’s 50-cent corn dogs are back: lots of excited customers. This is especially true in spots like El Paso, where lines at Sonic Drive-Ins can wrap around the menu board, making the excitement even greater.

What is the actual price of Sonic Corn Dog?

At Sonic, normally a Corn Dog goes for $2.09, but that can change depending on where you are. However, keep an eye out for Sonic Corn Dog Day! On that day, you can grab it for just 50 cents and there’s no limit to how many you can get..

Just remember, this offer is only good if you’re buying in-store. If you order online, you’ll have to pay the regular price.

Sonic’s Timeless Tradition

Sonic’s tradition isn’t just about anything else—it’s also about those tasty 50-cent corn dogs you can get at Sonic Drive-In. They’re a yummy treat that everyone loves, adding a little extra fun to the Sonic experience. It’s a small thing, but it makes a big difference in making Sonic special.

Tips to take advantage of this deal

  1. Remember the Date:
    Circle the day of the deal on your calendar so you won’t forget.
  2. Go When it’s Quiet:
    Try to visit Sonic when it’s not too busy to avoid waiting in long lines.
  3. Bring Cash:
    It’s easier to pay with cash for your 50-cent corn dogs.
  4. Tell Your Friends:
    Let your friends know about the deal so they can join you.
  5. Try Different Flavors:
    If there are different types of corn dogs available, give them a try.
  6. Look for Combo Deals:
    Check if there are any combo deals to go with your 50-cent corn dogs.
  7. Combine with Other Offers:
    Pair with Sonic’s deals like happy hour, ½ price drinks, 2 for $5 and others.

Halloween Sonic Special: Enjoy sonic 50 cent corn dogs!

Celebrate Halloween with Sonic on Tuesday, October 31st, 2024, with the Sonic Halloween Special featuring 50-cent corn dogs! So, when you’re out for Halloween fun, grab a yummy corn dog for just 50 cents at Sonic. Don’t miss out on this delicious offer—it’s a treat that’ll make your Halloween extra memorable! This deal has been loved since 1979, so make sure to remember the date!

More Food Deals on Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday

  • Thanksgiving Specials:
    Sonic menu might have special deals for Thanksgiving, making it a tasty option for your holiday meal.
  • Black Friday Bites:
    Look for Sonic’s Black Friday deals, which could include discounts on their burgers, hot dogs, or slushies.
  • Cyber Monday Sonic Deals:
    Check Sonic’s app or website for Cyber Monday specials, like discounts on combo meals or freebies with purchases.
  • Sonic Rewards:
    Join Sonic’s rewards program to earn discounts and free treats every time you visit.
  • Sonic Gift Card Bonuses:
    Keep an eye out for Sonic’s gift card promotions, where you can get extra value with your purchase.
  • Buffalo Wild Wings Thanksgiving Eve Deal:
    Before Thanksgiving, Buffalo Wild Wings offers discounts on wings and more, perfect for a pre-holiday treat.
  • Cyber Monday Online Deals:
    Find online discounts on meal kits, gourmet foods, and treats like Baskin-Robbins’ Cyber Weekend Deal.
  • Dunkin’ November Deals:
    Throughout November, Dunkin’ offers various discounts, from seasonal drinks to breakfast specials.

Other Sonic winter deals to try

  • Hot Combo:
    Sandwich + Hot Drink
  • Frozen Treats Bundle:
    Two Frozen Delights
  • Chili Cheese Combo:
    Coney + Tots + Hot Drink
  • BOGO Hot Dogs:
    Buy One, Get One Free
  • Family Pack:
    Shared Warm Meal
  • SONIC Grilled Cheese:
    Classic Comfort
  • $1.49 Chili Cheese Jr. Wrap:
    Budget Wrap
  • $1.99 Footlong Coney:
    Value Coney
Sonic winter deals, $1.49 Chili Cheese Jr. Wrap, SONIC Grilled Cheese, BOGO Hot Dogs combo

Sonic Summer Deals

Sonic has some great summer deals this year that you can take advantage of:

  • Half-Priced Shakes:
    Enjoy half-priced shakes after 7 PM.
  • Under $4 Menu:
    Grab favorites like the Grilled Cheese Sandwich for $1.99 and the Quarter Pound Double Cheeseburger for $3.49.
  • Happy Hour:
    Get half-priced drinks and slushes from 2-4 PM every day, or all day when you order through the Sonic app.
  • Tuesday Specials:
    Single-patty cheeseburgers are half-priced after 5 PM on Tuesdays when ordered online or through the app.
Half-Priced Shakes, Under $4 Menu, Happy Hour, Tuesday Specials

For more details and to access additional exclusive deals, download the Sonic app or visit their website.


No, you don’t need a coupon or special code to get sonic 50 cent corn dogs.

Some Sonic places might deliver 50-cent corn dogs, but not all do. This deal is mostly for in-store purchases. To be sure, ask your local Sonic or visit their website.

One SONIC Corn Dog has 22.3 grams of total carbs, 21.4 grams of net carbs, 13.1 grams of fat, 6.5 grams of protein, and 232 calories.

You can get corn dogs from Sonic Drive-In. Just find the closest Sonic to you either on their website or app, then order them in-store, at the drive-thru, or through the app for pickup or delivery.

No, Sonic offers 99 cent corn dogs on special days like (Oct 31)Halloween.

They can last for 1-2 months.

His Price is between $1.49 to $2.09 and contains approximately 230 calories.

Yes, Sonic sells corn dogs. A delicious dog wrapped in sweet corn batter and fried to a crispy golden-brown.

No, you don’t need a promo code for this deal. Discounts will automatically apply on a specific day.


As we head into 2024, people are still excited about Sonic 50 cent corn dogs, showing how much they’re loved. These cheap treats not only fill you up but also bring back good times and happy memories. Fans eagerly wait for Sonic Corn Dog Day, when they can enjoy their favorite snack without spending much. With great taste at a low price, Sonic 50 cent corn dogs are perfect for anyone watching their wallet. So, grab one for a yummy and affordable snack, and remember to keep an eye out for when the deal is on..

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